Dote on your Mum this Mother’s Day!

In the run up to Mother’s Day, we’re bombarded by reminders to send flowers or buy chocolates… but isn’t it strange that we need a dedicated day to remind us to tell our mums what they mean to us? Where is the real sentiment?

Mums have an almost magical ability to make everything OK. No matter what happens, or how bad your day, mum can make everything better.

But there’s no denying, being a mum is full on hard graft. An often thankless task. No time off, long hours, hazardous conditions, no paid leave, or any pay for that matter. When things go wrong we tend to blame mum, even if she’s nothing to do with it. When mums are sick and snotty they usually end up taking care of everyone else first and foremost. Mums don’t get lie ins, they rarely get to read the Sunday papers in peace, they usually end up buying treats for the kids before they buy something for themselves, and for many mums trampolining is a no go activity. Harsh!

And what do they get in return? Mums don’t get appraisals, bonuses, gold stars, or even a pat on the back. Of course, in theory, watching their kids grow into happy fulfilled adults is all the thanks a mum needs, perhaps we could find also treat them to something fabulous from time to time. So, this year, on this Mother’s Day take the time to thank your mum and let her know how much she means to you. In an ideal world, we’d thank and appreciate our mums every day, not just once a year. So, this Mother’s Day, buying a gorgeous gift is the least we can do!