Sheena Thank you for visiting my website – I would love to tell you about my brand!

I wanted to create sleep wear in delicious, subtle colours, in softest, natural fabrics, and in flattering shapes – and so Dote was born – dedicated to the “art” of sleep.

I passionately believe that it is as important to dress beautifully at home -for those that we love – as much as out of the home, for strangers – in fact – it is MUCH more important!

When I was a child, I would stay with my wonderful aunt who was totally glamorous and always looked gorgeous whatever she wore – but what I remembered in particular was her in a beautiful chocolate silk negligee and matching gown, and  all these years later, those memories are a really strong part of my visual nostalgia.
I think we should all be trying to create lovely memories for our own children too – looking glamorous adds to the romance for them, cooking them delicious, home made breakfasts and spending quality family time together are things that we can all do with very little effort to enhance our home lives immeasurably. And it’s not about being perfect or trying to achieve some unattainable stepford wives ideal – but about aspiring to do our best and be the best version of ourselves. We’ll feel better too!

It is lovely to have the right clothes for the right occasion and it is just as important in sleep wear as it is for day wear – and the joy of having lovely sleep wear is that it really is just for you and for those you love – no trends to worry about, no pressure to have the latest must have accessories – just the feeling of having beautiful, comfortable items that are appropriate, flattering, and cocooning ……… bliss!

I would love to hear about you, about what you love to wear to bed  – and I really hope that you will love what we are trying to do with Dote.

Come back and visit again!

Love Sheena