High days and Holidays

We are almost at the end of July and I am very eagerly looking forward to my first proper break away from London this year!

And so of course my thoughts are turning to the very exciting prospect of the holiday wardrobe and what to pack.

This year we are off to Majorca, the North East corner – an area called Cala Ratjada which should be lovely and I am excited as I have never been there, and neither have my 3 boys. Although they only seem interested in surfing holidays, they have decided to embrace the med and are making do with masks & snorkels instead of their surfboards – and the prospect of an adventurous nightlife.

So – to the holiday wardrobe. I have decided that I don’t need any new clothing and I am going to make a big effort to edit my existing wardrobe and only pack low maintenance and easy going pieces that are going to work well together. Usually I overpack and then proceed to  wear only a small fraction of the enormous luggage that accompanies me – so I am interested to see if I’m going to manage this change of tack successfully. Frankly, packing fills me with dread and so I usually leave it to the last minute and then manically throw everything into  an enormous suitcase and hope for the best. Enough!

Naturally for me,  sleep clothes are a huge focus – I hope I don’t sound too gloaty when I say that it is very nice to have that area totally covered and to feel that I really will have the perfect travelling sleep wear – I am going to take the silk Garbo slip in Black – not necessarily the most summery shade but I do think it flatters a body fabulously and looks great on a tan (still to be worked on)

Then, a short cotton summer slip dress – maybe the Talitha in the peachy nudie colour and which can double as a little sun dress if necessary. I will also be taking some pieces from our new SS14 collection which are not yet on the website , and won’t be available to buy before next summer – but I do feel it is my duty to road test them all and ensure that they are faultlessly designed and comfortable to a T. Hope you all appreciate my selfless dedication to the cause.

This is Immy in the Talitha – back view – and this is the grey colour – I will post some images of me in mine so you can compare when I am sporting a more holiday hue and the office pallor has worn off!

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